Pregnant Muslim Exits Airport Toilet ‘Slimmer,’ Stuns Others By What She Left


Bystanders watched a pregnant woman in a burka enter an airport bathroom and leave a short time later. When another woman walked into the same stall that the pregnant woman used, she called the police after she looked down and immediately realized exactly what the heavily pregnant woman had done.

Germany not only has a migrant problem, it has all the problems that Islamic migrants bring with them. Everything from their beliefs to their disturbing customs plagues the tolerant Germans. Still, just pointing out the barbarity that has escalated in direct relation to the refugee crisis is considered “Islamophobic,” so it continues to happen with the most innocent at its expense.

A Turkish Muslim woman known only as Soraya Y. entered a restroom in Munich airport after a long flight from Dubai. After noticing that the heavily pregnant 24-year-old was behaving strangely, a woman was horrified to discover that her suspicions were justified.

The Daily Mail reports that Soraya entered the stall to give birth to a baby girl, only to strangle the newborn with the umbilical cord and flush her down the toilet.Apparently, she made somewhat of a mess, which was enough for a bystander to raise the alarm to authorities just minutes later. Miraculously, officials discovered the child still alive and wedged in the pipe. The tiny baby had survived her mother’s strangulation and the swirling water.

The child was quickly freed and taken to a hospital to receive the emergency medical treatment that saved her life. After her health was restored, she was taken in by loving foster parents. Sadly, this didn’t signify the happy ending the innocent child deserves.

Soraya went to the court expressing the desire to regain custody of the child she tried to murder. However, it’s her reason for getting rid of the child in the first place that’s even more disturbing.

As an unmarried woman with devout Muslim parents, Soraya vowed to never let them know that she was living with her boyfriend, according to Archyxx. When she became pregnant, she realized it was only a matter of time before she’d suffer her parents’ wrath. Knowing that she could be disowned or, worse, honor killed, the cowardly woman chose to honor kill her own child in her place.

She discovered she was going into labor when her water broke in the airport’s parking garage. After attempting to strangle her baby to death and discard the body in a nearby bathroom, Soraya shamelessly told the police that she “didn’t notice she had given birth.”

Perhaps even more disturbing is that investigators have evidence to suggest that Soraya has been pregnant more than once. In fact, they suspect that she was pregnant in 2012 and again in 2014, although they are unsure if she gave birth and murdered those children as well or if the pregnancies were terminated in other ways. They confirm that she never once went to the hospital to give birth.

Luckily, Soraya was not given custody of her child but was instead handed a 5-year prison sentence for attempted murder.

Although it’s no excuse for her sadistic behavior, Soraya was right to fear brutal punishment for sex out of wedlock. Aside from her parents’ possible wrath, the Muslim woman had recently moved to Dubai, a country in which women are imprisoned for this crime.

Sharia law states that fornicators should be lashed, an excruciating disciplinary method in which Muslim countries specialize. Even foreign non-Muslim women have made headlines for being imprisoned for rape, consensual sex outside of marriage, and illegitimate pregnancy.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the common punishment prescribed by dishonored Muslim families. Muslims around the world account for 91 percent of honor killings. These murders mostly include killing female relatives suspected of fornication, marriage to non-Muslims, talking on cell phones, dating, refusing to wear a hijab, and other “Western” or un-Islamic practices.
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